Creating practical and engaging
visual resources for
swimming teachers and tutors

‘Break it Down’ Book





Who is this for?

  • Swimming teachers - to support learning to swim programmes
  • School teachers -  to support school swimming
  • Trainee swimming Teachers - to support lesson planning and guide to the correct level of abilities
  • Special Educational Needs Teachers with the use of SwimPix cards
  • Parents who want to learn more to support their children

What’s in the book?

‘Break it Down’ is an easy to follow colour coded guide to lesson planning. It is aligned with the Swim England  Learn To Swim Programme and covers the 31 core aquatic skills including a new FAB MATE ROSS memory aid acronym and two suggested teaching points for all practices. Although it may be used independently, the book includes colour coded reference to SwimPix cards which may be bought separately to enhance the teaching and learning experience, especially for learners with special educational needs.

  • Lesson planning guide including when to assess outcomes
  • Clear aims and SMART objectives for each activity
  • Explains fundamental movement skills and how they link to core Aquatic skills
  • FAB MATE ROSS - acronym to remember core aquatic skills
  • 31 core aquatic skills broken down into progressive practices, stages 1-7
  • Two suggested teaching points for all practices 
  • Main theme guide for structure and assessment
  • BLABT – acronym to support each part of each of the four strokes
  • Four competitive strokes split into BLABT and relevant suggested practices for the stages of learning aligned to the LTSP