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School Swimming

When you begin your teaching journey there is so much information to gather and it is very common on courses to forget your Lesson Plan - and to even be sure as to what skills and strokes should look like. 

Why use SwimPix for school swimming

  • StoryBoards support anxious learners in the classroom before water lessons
  • Teach and prepare for Water Safety in the classroom or en route to the pool
  • Use as a reward in the lesson to pick an activity, giving ownership to your swimmers
  • Encourage peer assessment. The National Curriculum outcomes ask for children to assess each other and give feedback, so using the cards would give the child a visual cue as to what to look for
  • Support any children with special educational needs without the need for separate treatment from the rest of the class

SwimPix can help with planning by using the cards to sort your five parts to the lesson:

1. Entry

2. Introductory Activity

3. Main Theme

4. Contrasting Activity

5. Exit/Debrief

A visual SwimPix plan will also enhance your communication with your swimmers. SwimPix can also be used in the classroom to reduce anxiety and prepare the children for the lesson in the pool, especially with school swimming where time is valuable.